Rhonda Rhea: How to seek the Lord--Messy to Meaningful

Kaley (daughter and writer-bud) mentioned in our Messy to Meaningful launch team’s Facebook group the other day something about our “Portable Junk Drawer” as women—otherwise known as “The Purse.” It reminded me of part of Chapter 2 in Messy to Meaningful, since I had been rummaging around in my purse and found something I’m pretty sure was chocolate. Found it, so I ate it. Hey, don’t judge. It was chocolate. It wasn’t what I’d been searching for. But again…chocolate. Probably.

I was rummaging around in Scripture too—an entirely different kind of rummage, by the way—and the word “seek” caught my attention. “Seek the LORD and his strength; seek his presence continually!” (Psalm 105:4). No search is as vital as this one. It’s a three-pronged search that I never, ever want to overlook. We’re told to:

*seek the Lord,

*seek His strength and

*seek His presence.

And we’re told to do this searching “continually.” It’s a high search. To seek the Lord is to actively desire a connection with Him. It happens through reading His Word, through talking and listening to Him through prayer, through giving Him attention through worship—and through keeping fervent our desire to know Him more and more.

I want to keep my searches ever-inside His will for me.

… And okay, on a different level, I want to keep my “probably chocolate” ever-inside its wrappers.