No-regrets decisions...I want those

Regrets. I've had a few. But then again...

No wait. That's a song, not a truth. The real truth is that the times I regret most are the times I did it MY WAY. Focusing in on doing life God's way--oh how much MESSY that sorts out of life.

Monica Schmelter talks about "no-regret decisions" in the little vid, Will it come back in style?

I so appreciate her insights. This is the stuff of life--the stuff that will make the journey sweeter. In each and every byway.


Lord, may we lean into Your way of living, intentionally grabbing onto everything You desire for us. We trust You. Not tradition, not man's philosophy, certainly not "our way" in our flesh. We trust Your truth. We trust YOU to take even the messiest and bring about Your great and beautiful purpose.

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