Rhonda Rhea on Lessons from the Junk Drawer– Lord, grow my faith.

That junk drawer. Most of us have stuffed pieces of our past in that thing. Items we can’t seem to let go of—some we hold onto for absolutely no good reason—and items we think we might need later. The funny thing is, you hardly ever plan a junk drawer. Want it or not, that junk collection is happening.

The collection happens in our lives too. As a matter of fact, we can hold on to so much junk that it becomes tough to fit in the good things the Lord is calling us to.



Father, teach us to get rid of the junk we don’t need. Build our faith, teach us to trust You to bring meaning and purpose from our messes. May we lean ever harder into Your grace. All through, and for, and because of…JESUS, amen.